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Vermont Teddy Bear products can add a delightful and heartwarming touch to your event. Your family and friends will surely love this fluffy and cute teddy bear.

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About Vermont Teddy Bear And Giving

To request a donation from Vermont Teddy Bear, nonprofit organizations should follow these guidelines outlined on their website:

Eligibility: The donation request should be for a Vermont-based nonprofit or a nonprofit located in a community where Vermont Teddy Bear employees live.

Timing: Submit your donation request at least one month prior to the desired ship or pick-up date. Requests are reviewed and processed at the end of each month.

Request Limitations: Vermont Teddy Bear only donates specific products and does not provide cash, gift cards, or monetary sponsorships.

Documentation: Include an IRS (c)(3) tax-exempt certificate confirming your nonprofit's location when submitting the request.

Approved Requests: If your nonprofit is located in Chittenden County, you may need to pick up your donation at the Vermont Teddy Bear factory in Shelburne, Vermont. The product(s) will be shipped two to three weeks prior to the event. While they aim to provide the specified product(s), alternatives may be offered based on availability.

Non-Approval: Understand that Vermont Teddy Bear receives numerous requests each month, and not all requests may be approved. Please refrain from calling to inquire about the status of your request.

Discount Offer: If your nonprofit organization doesn't meet the donation guidelines, you may still be eligible for a 25% discount on Vermont Teddy Bear products.

To submit your donation request, you can mail it to Vermont Teddy Bear Company. Keep in mind that Vermont Teddy Bear's mission is to inspire love and joy through their donations, and they appreciate your consideration.

Company Information: Vermont Teddy Bear trademarks and copyrights are owned by: Vermont Teddy Bear