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Raise some money with Royal Caribbean in-kind cruise donations, or a monetary funding to make your organization's event a success.

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About Royal Caribbean And Giving

Royal Caribbean Group is committed to enhancing the well-being of communities and offers in-kind cruise donations to non-profit organizations with similar goals.

To request a donation from Royal Caribbean Group, a non-profit organization can follow the guidelines provided on their webpage. Here is a summary of the key information:

Focus Areas: The company's support is primarily focused on the following areas:
a. Oceans
b. Education
c. Resilience

Request Timing: Donation requests must be submitted at least 90 days in advance of the event to be considered.

Exclusions: It's important to note that Royal Caribbean Group's program does not support the following:
a. Individual schools, PTAs, or PTOS.
b. Health-related charities.
c. Organizations with a written policy of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Such requests will be declined immediately.

Please ensure that your donation request aligns with the focus areas mentioned and complies with the exclusions mentioned above. For more detailed information and to submit your request, refer to the donation request webpage provided.

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