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About Boston Red Sox And Giving

To request a donation from the Boston Red Sox, please follow the guidelines provided on their donation request webpage:

1. Submit your request online: All donation requests must be made through the Boston Red Sox's online donation form.

2. Complete the online form: Ensure that you fill out all the required fields on the online donation form. Incomplete requests may not be considered.

3. Timing is crucial: Submit your request at least eight (8) weeks before your event. This allows the Red Sox organization enough time to process your request.

4. Donation limitations: Your organization must not have received a donation from the Red Sox in the current calendar year. They provide only one donated item per year to each eligible organization.

5. New England region focus: The Red Sox prioritize supporting organizations operating in the New England region, specifically Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

6. Exclusions: Individual or company fundraising efforts, such as Relay for Life or United Way Campaigns, are not supported by the Red Sox as they directly support the local chapters of national charities.

7. Reporting after the event: If your organization receives an item, you must complete an online reply form after the event. This form includes information about the amount the item raised for the event. Completing this form is necessary for future donation requests.

8. Autographed memorabilia donations: Donations from the Red Sox are typically in the form of autographed memorabilia. Due to high demand, they are unable to offer tickets as charitable donations.

9. Personal item requests: Please refrain from sending personal items, as the front office staff cannot intervene on behalf of fans seeking autographs for personal or charitable purposes.

10. Follow-up on donation status: The Red Sox's Community Relations Department does not accept follow-up calls for each donation request. If you haven't received an item within a week of your event, you can contact the Community Relations Department.

Remember that the Boston Red Sox prioritizes organizations in the New England region and aims to support their fundraising efforts. Good luck with your charitable and fundraising endeavors!

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