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About Books-A-Million And Giving

Books-A-Million is dedicated to supporting schools, churches, organizations, and charities within the communities it serves by providing $20.00 gift card donations. Priority consideration is given to organizations with a 501(c)(3) exempt status, particularly those whose mission revolves around promoting reading, literacy, and education. By focusing on these important causes, Books-A-Million aims to contribute to the enhancement of learning and the love for books within the community.

Books-A-Million, unfortunately, does not provide donations to certain types of organizations. These include labor, social, political, and individual entities, as well as online auctions. While they strive to support a wide range of charitable causes, their donation guidelines specify the exclusion of these particular categories.

To submit a donation request to Books-A-Million, please utilize their designated donation form and submit it via email. It is important to note that requests should be sent at least three weeks prior to the event to allow for ample consideration. Additionally, please be aware that Books-A-Million typically grants one donation per organization per year, as per their policy.

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