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Barnes & Noble offers sponsorships and in-kind donations to non-profit organizations that have a focus on literacy, the arts, or education, particularly for pre-K-12 schools.

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About Barnes & Noble - National And Giving

To request a donation from Barnes & Noble, please follow the guidelines provided on their webpage:

1. Local support: Barnes & Noble offers support to pre-K-12 schools and not-for-profit organizations focused on arts, literacy, humane causes, and community services at the local level.

2. In-store bookfairs: Community fundraising opportunities are available through in-store bookfairs. To inquire about these programs, please contact the store manager at your nearest Barnes & Noble location.

3. Store/Event Locator: To find the Barnes & Noble store closest to you, visit the Store/Event Locator on their website.

4. National partnerships: Barnes & Noble also partners nationally with organizations that align with their mission. These opportunities should be located in the communities where Barnes & Noble operates and contribute to the greater good of the local community or region.

4. Non-discrimination policy: It is essential for the requesting organization to not discriminate based on various protected characteristics, as outlined in the provided information.

Please ensure that your donation request adheres to the specific guidelines mentioned above when seeking support from Barnes & Noble. Good luck with your nonprofit organization's efforts, and we hope you find success in your collaboration with Barnes & Noble.

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