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In-kind donation from The Breakers Palm Beach can make your fundraising event more engaging and successful.

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About The Breakers Palm Beach And Giving

The Breakers Palm Beach is a world-class resort located in Palm Beach, known for its dedication to giving back to the community both locally and nationally. If your nonprofit organization is seeking a donation, you can follow these steps:

1. All donation requests must be submitted online through their official platform. Avoid sending physical inquiries or emails as they might not be considered.

2. Review Eligibility: The Breakers supports diverse causes, from nearby schools to national non-profits. Before submitting a donation request, ensure that your organization aligns with their areas of interest.

3. Timing: Submit your request six weeks before your fundraising event. This allows sufficient time for their team to review and respond to your inquiry.

4. Complete the Form: To initiate the donation request, complete all sections of the form available on their website. Provide comprehensive and relevant information about your organization and the purpose of your fundraising efforts.

5. Introduce Your Cause: Take the opportunity to introduce your cause and explain why it aligns with The Breakers' commitment to the greater good. Concisely convey the impact your organization aims to make.

6. Prompt Review: The Breakers' team aims to review donation inquiries within two weeks of receipt. Be patient while they evaluate your request.

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