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SC Johnson makes grants to U.S. tax-exempt organizations.

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About SC Johnson And Giving

Eligibility for grants from SC Johnson is based on U.S. organizations being registered 501(c)(3)s or government entities (schools, libraries, etc.). They focus their giving on the following areas, community/economic development, social services, health/well-being, education, and sustainability/environmental programs.

Typically, SC Johnson's giving is directed toward communities around their major operations, but they will review any request that is regional in scope or larger.

Submit SC Johnson's online grant request form. Include a list of your organization's officers and directors, project budget, copy of 501(c)(3) determination letter, and a list of corporate donors.

Grant requests should be submitted at least 90-120 days prior to when it is needed. Grants that are larger than $5000 dollars must have an outcome report sent back to SC Johnson at the end of the project.

SC Johnson will not provide grants to individuals, political/lobbying, administration projects, third party fundraising, clubs, and organizations with pending 501(c)(3) status, as examples.

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