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Take the Anxiety Out of Requesting Donations - John Admin - 04-06-2020

Feeling rejected can be debilitating and feed into not wanting to take any similar risk again. This stifling feeling wears on nonprofit staff everywhere when contacting potential donors.

A well thought out strategy can, at first, help alleviate the fear and eventually make you feel like a superhero. Research potential donors through multiple sources to get an understanding of what makes them tick. Practice your pitch in-front of the mirror, family, and coworkers until you work out your body language and know your talking points forward and backward.

Make sure the pitch has personability and authenticity. Connect with donors through personal stories. But, don't lose your overall direction of conversation; you need to be specific with the point your are trying to get across and convey urgency. Engage with potential donor by making sure to ask them questions and have them involved with the conversation.

In the end, whether or not a donation was made, send a thank you note. It gives the message that you appreciate their time spent hearing you out as well as making you stand out from the crowd. For a much more detailed post, take a look at our 12 Tips for Anxiety Free Donation Requests post on the
Ultimate Donations blog.