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Full Version: Get Free Media Coverage for Your Event
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Free publicity is a wonderful thing for any organization, but especially 501©(3)'s with limited budgets.

Start by figuring out the interests of your community. One way to do this is to see what your local new stations cover on a regular basis.

Networking will get you further than you would have ever believed. Talk with everyone that your know about if they have any contacts with people in the media.

Send out press releases before and after events. Interviews can be made with TV news as well as radio stations. The morning programs are usually heard or seen by a lot of people.

One of the most important things is being courteous. The media outlets that you are in contact with consider their time valuable, so should you. Finally, always follow-up and send thank-you's. You will be surprised what "thank you" will achieve.

Check out the link above for the Ultimate Donations blog and the full article on getting free publicity for the media. Leave comments with questions or if you have topics you would like to see written about.