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concerns of a fundraising stream

I mentioned this in an email but if you do a fundraiser stream in January, tips/subs/YouTube revenue will not make in time for the due date. You would be relying solely on tips which may be difficult to get people to do in large amounts. This is something that should have been done this month. Not only that but even if this is a success people are going to be less generous in the next month which will just screw you over down the road. It's not a bad idea though. Just difficult to pull off.

There's a lot of dead time in January with only the impatient at the end of the month. So this fundraising event should go on all month with every stream contributing to it. You can also start your Super Mario Sunshine playthrough. Why? It gets claimed on YouTube so let's try this. Instead of uploading it to YouTube leave the archive on Twitch. Twitch archives play adds every 10 minutes. This will be a good test to see Twitch ads are profitable.

Last but not least will there be stretch goals tied to this event and will Patreon pledges contribute to it


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