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Scratcher Cards

Well I crashed and burned on this one. When I was a Pathfinder we went door to door to rasie money, we were not afraid to try and our parents supported us. Everyone involved understood that to do the things we did money had to come from some place. Today, door to door is not as safe as it once was and many parents (fewer youths) understand just how much things cost. We were having a bit of trouble in Osh Kosh preparation as it was started late, so... 

...I looked over the scratch card fundraisers that are out there, they all seemed about the same a couple were better. I got samples and discussed it with the staff, exec. staff, and Assoc. Pastor. There was some concern that it would be seen as a form of gambling, in fact some staff saw that way. we voted to go ahead in the end. 

I heard complaints about my direct action for the first time in my involvement in Pathfinders. Some people did feel it too much like gambling. Looking carefully it is not, but apparently scratching is just to state lottery like for some. 

Second what cost us a couple of thousand dollars and could have raised as much as twenty thousand came in under five hundred. We extended the time and still little result. The Pathfinders just had no self motivation, at all. Even with promise of award and a promise of twenty percent for the TLT Fund did not them moving. I have never seen a group more disengaged. 

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