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Priceless Auction Items
One of our favorite priceless auction items at my daughter's school's gala is the "preferred parking" item. The winner gets to choose where the parking spot (and semi-permanent sign) is located. It's great since some parents spend a lot of time in a particular place volunteering (like the boosters parents who spend countless hours at the gym or by the athletic fields), or some choose to locate it where they can be close by for performances and school activities throughout the year! It's always a top seller

What "Priceless Auction Items" does your event offer?
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We've had a teacher in the past who has given us an ice cream experience. She takes 4 kids for a walk to the local ice cream parlor (within walking distance from the school). Parents love it, kids love it, its a total win win. And it really doesn't cost much of anything.
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One of our teachers likes to donate a trip to the ice cream parlor. She invites the winner and 3 friends to walk to the local ice cream parlor in town for an after school treat. It's a hge item and one that gets lots of bids for our school.
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