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Non Solicitation/ restrictive covenants

I wonder if you can help I am a little lost and feel like the underdog being bullied! Apologies for being a little vague, I don't wish to give exact details. 

Here's the situation

I was employed at 'Company A' for the period of 11 months and 2 weeks. My contract was terminated because I worked remotely and 'Company A' wanted to employ someone in house. 'Company A' supplies goods to 'Company B'. 'Company B' is a large retail outlet selling multiple brands ('Company A' supplies 5 of these brands, which I worked on). On termination I asked 'Company B' for a reference as 'Company A' refused to give me one. In response 'Company B' asked to meet to discuss the possibility of working freelance for them on 1 or possibly more of the other brands they sell in their retail outlet. I have no intention to disrupt 'Company A's' relationship with 'Company B' I just need a job. 

My contract with 'Company A' has a non Solicitation and Restrictive covenants section. As seen below. I really need some advice as to where I stand legally and what might be the subsequent consequences. Specifically can someone answer the following:

- If I meet with 'Company B' and accept freelance work from them does this constitute a breach of contract and if so what can 'Company A' do? 

Please Help.

Thanks !

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