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Ingame Groups, Guilds, and Teams?

I'm wondering if anyone does this, and if so: how has it gone?
I was thinking about having a presence for the charity in the games we play (any game), so I created a guild in Knights and Dragons (a mobile RPG- I play the Android version) called "Extra Life Was Here."  I added some text about the purpose of the guild in its description (though there's not much room for text descriptions in this game) and hope to draw at least some curious folks into the guild to ask some questions...and hope they stay to help spread the word!
Does anyone else do this?  I think it's potentially a cool idea, but we would need to be careful that the members who "fly the flag" of the cause are mindful of their conduct.  I know that we can't control the behavior of every participant in the EL ecosystem, but if we broadcast the EL name, I think that we had better live up to it.

Please Help.

Thanks !

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