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If you're an AC Milan fan then Rui Costa
While each Cover Star Icon has an attribute set that eclipses most others FC 24 Coins , these fantastic players are not equal in their abilities. You can absolutely use each of these cards if you enjoy the player, just don't let the one or two-point difference in rating fool you.

When it comes to crowning the absolute best, these legends let their in-game performance do the talking.

9 Paul Scholes Andash; 95 Overall FourAndash;Star Skill Moves FiveAndash;Star Weak Foot Med/Med Work Rates 
Much like his real counterpart, this Paul Scholes card is an extremely solid all-around player. None of these attributes stand out as particularly better than the others, and he will fit into most teams without issue.

Unfortunately, his jack-of-all-trades attributes format makes Scholes quite underwhelming when compared to other icons, or even just other players in his position. The Medium Work Rates make him a bit difficult to use as Scholes will need a bit of coaxing to keep him working hard on and off the ball.

8 Rui Costa Andash; 96 Overall FiveAndash;Star Skill Moves FourAndash;Star Weak Foot High/Med Work Rates 
If you're an AC Milan fan then Rui Costa might just be a must-have player for your squad regardless of his abilities.

Luckily, Costa's Cover Star Icon card does his skillset justice, highlighting his sublime dribbling abilities and silky movement on the ball. He boasts Flair, Finesse, and Outside Foot Shot traits that enable him to buy EAFC 24 Coins perform deadly Trivelas.

Costa is extremely well-rounded, with his sole weakness coming from his average body type. If you don't mind the slightly slow animations when compared with some other top-tier midfielders, then Costa should be a fantastic addition to your team.

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