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How To Get New Ritual Armor Set In Destiny 2
[Image: AIL4fc__I4c8O9bvsKxGrYmr2HrYzMhlys4RgsRo...authuser=0]
Bungie has stealth-dropped new Ritual Armor sets for all classes in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch. While each class has the same armor style, the individual sets have different names: Hunters get the Hinterland, Warlocks get the Ossuary, and the Titans have the Biosphere Explorer. The new Ritual Armor sets look incredible, and if you’re planning to get your hands on it, you’re right in the place. Here’s our guide, which explains how to get the new Ritual Armor Set in Destiny 2.

Obtaining the new Ritual Armor set is relatively simple. Each piece of the set has a small chance to drop at the end of a Ritual activity: Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit. The set doesn’t drop as a whole, so you’ll need to run these activities multiple times for each part of the set, in which there are five pieces. And remember, the entire set doesn’t drop all at once. So, patience is key. You might need to play a few rounds to collect all the five pieces. Of course, if you get extremely lucky, this means you would only need to run five Strikes.

However, if you play multiple characters, it will take a while to collect all the sets. If you’re solely looking to acquire the Armor, the most efficient method would be to farm the Vanguard Ops playlist, AKA Strikes. They’re less nerve-wracking than PvP or Gambit, and in most cases, take half the time to complete with an efficient team.

That concludes our guide on how to get the new Ritual Armor Set in Destiny 2. For more news, be sure to check out our dedicated section or look at some of our Guides at U4gm.com, such as how to obtain cheap Destiny 2 Silver.

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