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Help me with getting my family out of War in Gaza
Dear World, 

we should gather gifts for Ahmed's loved ones. My cousin Mustafa,. A couple of days prior I got news about my family in Gaza ، where the Israeli occupation bombarded my family's home in the focal point of the Gaza Strip in the Rehab area, where my sibling's three youngsters, Yara, 18 years of age, Yazan, 16 years of age, and Lara, 13 years of age, were martyred, notwithstanding likewise, my family's home is presently not reasonable for residing, as it has become cinders as we are in the colder time of year and cold season. Likewise, all the cash and gold gathered was gone with the occupation's bombarding of my family's home, knowing that my dad, my mom, and the groups of my three siblings resided in this house. Presently my family is attacked in the biggest... A clinic in the Gaza Strip (Al-Shifa Emergency clinic).



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