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Free Summer Camp for Children 2nd throu 5th grade
Hi, My name is Rhonda Weaver and I'm the Youth Director at Calvary Baptist Church of holiday, Fl. We have teamed up with Hope for the Children Ministries this year. They will be providing a Free Teen Camp at our location. The church has decided to help the families in the area that have teens that will be attending the Free summer camp that have younger children in their families as well. We will provide a camp (Calvary's R.O.C.K. Camp) (Reaching Out to Christ's Kids) for 2nd through 5th graders. We do have a small limitation on how many of the younger children we will be able to accept into the program. Hope for the Children have their resources for the Teen Camp. Calvary Church is looking for the resources needed to organize and operate the R.O.C.K. Camp. We need monetary, and material donations as well as Volunteers. The Summer camps are designed through Faith, Love, & Hope we  can change Children's, Teens , and their Families Futures. We want to expand their minds, build confidence, trust and teach them about developing healthy bodies, and relationships. Please contact me if interested in helping either through donations, or by volunteering. Calvary Baptist Church, Holiday, FL. 34691. [email protected] or 727-937-9418. 

Thank you
Rhonda Weaver, Youth Director, Administrative Assistant

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Free Summer Camp for Children 2nd throu 5th grade - by Rhonda_15125 - 04-03-2017, 03:38 PM

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