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Filtration Membrane manufacturers
Water filter membrane is made of porous material which can be used to sperate the contaminants from water with the application of a driving force. At present water filter membrane technique is being used for both drinking and wastewater’s treatment as well as to purify many of the products such as commercial food and beverage.
Water filter membrane process can be achieved by applying a force to a semi-permeable but a thin layer of material and this process can be helpful in removing bacteria, particulates, organic matter, and micro-organisms. Filtration membrane can provide excellent benefits for beverage and food industries by aiding in the process of clarification, concentration, purification, and desalting of potable food and liquid items.
Reinforced PVDF hollow fiber membrane specification
Membrane propertiesA seriesB series
Nominal pore size0.1μm0.04μm
Outer/Inner diameter2.2/1.02.6/1.0
Pure water flux@1bar, 25℃1000-1200800-1000
Recommend design flux10-25L/m2.h
Reinforced materialCrochet PET tube
Processing methodEmbedded coating
Breaking strength>200N
Flow pathOutside-in
Recommend backwash flux30-60L/m2.h
Operating temperature5-40℃
Operating PH range2.0-10.0
Cleaning PH range1.0-13.0
Max.Na CIO concentration5000ppm
Permeate Turbidity≤0.5NTU
Technical advantage of Reinforced PVDF water filter membrane:
1.Narrow pore size distribution(0.04μm or 0.1μm), it can remove most virus, microbe, bacteria, colloid and macro molecules organism etc. It can ensure the good output good quality.
2.It adopts embedded reinforced PET core with highest mechanical strength, high anti-peeling strength. There is no broken and peeling during normal operation. And it can withstand high frequent backwash.
3.Longer lifespan and stable water quality.
4.The water filter membrane with permanently hydrophilic modification, no wet-treatment required before using or re-storage. It can adopt dry form for storage and transportation.Filtration Membrane manufacturers

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