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Donations!? how to get people involved

I am working on my first major project this summer. It is an artistic/poetic documentary on living on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. For more information on the film .However the idea here isnt to promote my film, but to ask anyone's help on how to raise funds for the film. I am trying to raise funds for a new camera for my production company to take to the streets with us. We are having issues raising funds for this film. The film is a nonprofit film, which obviously means that anything we get from the film, we put towards it. The problem we are having is that noone seems to want to invest in a film that will not return money to their wallets. We have no footage now, and we are working on getting some in the next month. Does anyone have any ideas as to what we could do to raise some money and awareness for the film. I am currently out of school and doing small video shoots and acting jobs, just to make an extra buck, but we are so short of our budget and we want to film in late July. Please give me your thoughts and ideas as to what we could do! Thanks so much guys!


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