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Diablo 4: Best Consumables for Barbarians
The Barbarian class in Diablo 4 is renowned for its exceptional durability, making it one of the most resilient classes in the game. With its formidable physique and reliance on physical weaponry, the Barbarian can withstand punishing blows. Nevertheless, even the sturdiest class can benefit from some additional assistance when dealing with elemental damage or resistance. Thus, it is advisable for Barbarians to stock up on consumables that can aid them on their journey.

Here are some essential consumables that Diablo 4's Barbarians should always keep at hand:

1) Whispering Keys

[Image: AJFCJaVyYl_PvpyCTjgDm5bePnQcwMsoIgVX-AW4...authuser=0]

You can obtain Whispering Keys from the Purveyor of Curiosities by trading in Murmuring Obols. Murmuring Obols can be obtained by purchasing them from an Obol vendor in any major city, and they are priced at 20 Murmuring Obols each.

Whispering Keys have the purpose of unlocking silent chests, which are large white chests that hold valuable and uncommon items. By acquiring a sufficient amount of Whispering Keys, you can embark on a search for these chests within Diablo 4.

2)Elixir of Demon Slaying

[Image: AJFCJaVdPQsiVHqKb8l9XG2l39ctvPGwshNjMVnM...authuser=0]

It is quite literally the fundamental aspect of the game, and a significant element of the game's world is referred to as The Burning Hells. Consequently, a substantial portion of the combat revolves around battling demons. The primary quests and storyline consistently involve demons, making this particular item indispensable for any character.

The elixir proves valuable when facing various infernal adversaries such as Goatmen, Flies, Fallen, and of course, Demons. Additionally, it bestows a bonus to experience gain, similar to other elixirs categorized as "Slaying," with the effectiveness increasing in accordance with the character's level.

3) Elixir of Beast Slaying

[Image: AJFCJaV_PiFyxxIR_GGbVAGPKx475ensJVOwEKcB...authuser=0]

It appears to be an item that aligns well with the characteristics and preferences typically associated with a Barbarian in role-playing games. For those who frequently venture into the wilderness and favor leather and fur attire, carrying a few Elixirs of Beast Slaying seems crucial.

The Elixir of Beast Slaying holds significant value for Barbarians, primarily due to their substantial time spent in natural environments. This elixir proves highly beneficial for acquiring items and materials. The materials obtained from defeated foes can be utilized in crafting or constructing new items within the Alchemist shop and play a vital role in weapon upgrades.

Additionally, this consumable provides an increased damage output specifically against Spiders, Wildlife, Maggots, Snakes, and Werewolves. While it is possible to create this item at the Alchemist shop, it can also be discovered through enemy drops and treasure chests.

4) Iron Barb Elixir

[Image: AJFCJaXoyKe4SEDqYSSmvwLoAOJPHZ4kChUwbt_b...authuser=0]

There is a specific talent build for Barbarians that utilizes an elixir to enhance their defensive abilities. However, this elixir can be a valuable addition to any build. Thorns, a defensive power, is not particularly useful for classes like Sorcerers and Rogues who typically engage in ranged combat. However, for Barbarians who are always in close quarters combat, their armor can be just as lethal as their weapons.

There are several variations of the Thorns build, with players utilizing gear and gems to maximize the effectiveness of this defensive power. By incorporating the effects of the elixir, the Barbarian becomes even more formidable. Not only does it enhance the power of Thorns, but it also boosts armor and experience gained.

The Iron Barb Elixir is especially suited for Barbarians, considering their robust build and prominent role in Diablo 4. This elixir can be consumed to strengthen specific defensive powers.

When consumed, this elixir provides a temporary enhancement that boosts resistance, attack, speed, and other attributes for a duration of 30 minutes. This becomes exceptionally advantageous when diving into the midst of enemies and wreaking havoc on the battlefield.

5) Crushing Elixir

[Image: AJFCJaUGcQYzQ9qOrx9h_jJDw3d9Vt_Au9Nkl5Xq...authuser=0]

The Crushing Elixir is highly valued as a consumable in Diablo 4, particularly for the Barbarian class. It provides a 30% boost to Overpower damage and increases experience gain by 5%. Although this item doesn't enhance the frequency of successful Overpower hits, it significantly enhances the effectiveness of each hit in terms of damage output.

Overpower holds significant importance in the game, especially for Barbarians. It takes the damage and mechanics of Critical Hits to a higher level of lethality, although it only occurs approximately 3% of the time.

This elixir doesn't affect the frequency of successful Overpower hits, but it greatly enhances their impact by increasing the damage dealt. The Weak variation of this elixir grants a respectable 20% bonus, which is quite decent for a potion at lower levels. On the other hand, the highest grade available is the Heady type, which provides a substantial 60% increase.

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