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China Paddle Dryer manufacturers
Description of biochemical sludge
The main components of biochemical excess sludge include water, microorganisms, microbial metabolites and inorganic solids. Biochemical excess sludge is harmful to the environment. There are a large number of microorganisms, viruses, parasites, organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and malodor.
The paddle dryer is a conductive dryer. The body is composed of a jacket shell, a double helix drying conveyor shaft, a driving mechanism, a top cover and a dehumidification system. Horizontal work of inner heating double screw conveyor dryer, 0.4 MPa steam is introduced into the shell jacket and the drying conveyor shaft, rolling forward continuously under the impetus of the rotating drying conveyor shaft, the material completes the drying operation of heat transfer in the course of movement; after drying, the material is discharged from the bottom outlet of the other end of the dryer and the conveying process is completed at the same time.
Features of paddle dryer
(1) The paddle blade dryer can deal with a wide range of materials. It can use different thermal media to deal with paste, granular and powdery materials. It can deal with both heat sensitive materials and materials requiring high temperature treatment.
(2) Closed operation during the whole drying process makes the material turn sharply during mixing and mixing, and the material particles fully contact with the heat transfer surface. In the axial region, the gradient of temperature, humidity and mixing degree of the material is very small, which ensures the stability of the process. At the same time, high heat transfer coefficient is obtained, which can generally reach 80-350W/(
(3) The paddle blade dryer indirectly heats the material, and there is no large amount of air to carry away the heat, so the energy consumption is relatively low.
(4) The water vapor released from the material in the dryer is directly discharged from the exhaust pipe at the top of the dryer. The main components of the tail gas are water vapor, low gas velocity, less dust, and there is no entrainment problem of drying products. The environmental pollution is small, and the investment of dust recovery equipment is reduced.
(5) The blade dryer can be operated continuously or intermittently, mixing at low speed and reasonable structure.
Technical parameter
Heat transfer area m22.79131824293641
Effective volume m30.060.320.591.091.531.852.422.8
r.p.m revolution15-3010-2510-2510-2010-2010-2010-2010-20
Power kw2.
Width of dryer body Amm3065847629401118111812961296
Total width Bmm736841106613201474147416761676
Length of dryer body Cmm19562820304833283454411441154724
Total length Dmm29724876548659186147680869607570
Distance of feed and discharge Emm17522540276830483150381038104420
Height center Fmm380380534610762762915915
Total height Gmm762838109212701524152417781778
Inlet N time(2)3/4(2)3/4(2)1(2)1(2)1(2)1(2)1(2)1
Outlet O time(2)3/4(2)3/4(2)1(2)1(2)1(2)1(2)1(2)1
Heat transfer area m24852626873818795110
Effective volume m33.543.964.795.215.786.437.398.079.46
r.p.m revolution10-2010-2010-2010-205-155-155-155-155-10
Power kw303045455555757595
Width of dryer body Amm147414741651165218281828203220322210
Total width Bmm185418542134213422862286243824382668
Length of dryer body Cmm472452585410584254616020553761246122
Total length Dmm777283068865929691199678911997049880
Distance of feed and discharge Emm442049544953538450045562508056645664
Height center Fmm106610661220122012201220122012201220
Total height Gmm203220322362236224642464256625662668
Inlet N time(2)11/2(2)11/2(2)11/2(2)11/2(2)11/2(2)11/2(2)2(2)2(2)2
Outlet O time(2)11/2(2)11/2(2)11/2(2)11/2(2)11/2(2)11/2(2)2(2)2China Paddle Dryer manufacturers

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