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Back when EA announced Madden NFL 23
One of the earliest announcements that showed off both a cover star and gave a release date was six years ago Madden 23 Coins. Back when EA announced Madden NFL 23. it officially unveiled the title on April 16. The timing, of course, was meant to be significant: April 16. Madden NFL 23. The reason the company bucked the trend and announced it so early is precisely because it wanted to tie into an exact date. Why it didn't pick May 16 or June 16. or even March 16 is another question, though.

While it's possible to extrapolate that this year's installment in the long-running series could follow suit from the 2022 version and pick April 22. that seems pretty unlikely, even if it's not impossible. EA announced the "final" update to Madden NFL 23 landed in March.

It seems like the company might want people to digest and play that update before they started setting their sights on the next game. It's not out of the realm of possibility that some in the community, who have been unhappy with the latest iteration anyway, might discard it all together and move onto other games while they wait.

The video game community, in general, has seen plenty of games over the last year get delayed, or released with plenty of bugs in the case of Cyberpunk 2077. While Madden NFL 23 arrived on schedule last year, largely seemingly shrugging off the effects of the pandemic Buy Mut 23 Coins, it's possible it could still play a role in this year's version. Quite a bit of work on Madden NFL 23 was likely already done when the country and the world shut down.

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