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Armored Core 6: 5 Best Weapons
In Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, you can use different components to your mech to change its functions. There are different legs, cores, and ways to change up your mech, but the most immediate and important must be your weapon loadout. These can range from melee weapons and shotguns to massive missile launchers and Gatling guns, so there's a lot of room to experiment and give yourself options. However, some weapons won't work well. So, in this guide, we will show you the top weapons in Armored Core 6.
1. SG-027 ZIMMERMAN Shotgun

[Image: AIL4fc8EhxEdalqVVBc_1lRhIR7A498Ay3P4F35Z...authuser=0]
One of the most popular weapons you've likely seen many using is the Zimmerman, and there's a good reason for that. This weapon not only offers substantial attack power but also excels at causing enemies to stagger quickly. In addition, if you can equip two, that can nearly fill up the stagger meter of almost all bosses in the game, from MTs to ACs. And if you pair it with the Pile Bunker, well, then you're a true Armored Core master!
2. PB-033M ASHMEAD Pile Bunker

[Image: AIL4fc-5wdp1o4Uxjgl8DEmSzQyWqebsSDCFlWgH...authuser=0]
This weapon has been underestimated by many, and it's actually the ultimate AC destroyer. True, it has limited range since it's a melee weapon and lacks a follow-up attack, but it can be devastating if used correctly. This weapon impales the target with a massive steel pile, but the real game-changer is when you charge it to prime the firing hammer; that's a knockout blow. The key here is to use the Pile Bunker on staggered ACs. You'll be amazed to witness it devouring over half of their health in an instant.
3. VE-60SNA Stun Needle Launcher

[Image: AIL4fc8Fz2u7UQ4rtsiG_U9YCQ53LOEDPVuZUjH1...authuser=0]
The Stun Needle Launcher is a powerful weapon for boss fights. What's great is that you receive it automatically after completing the Destroy the Ice Worm mission. First, it delivers high damage with an impressive range. This means you can use it safely from a distance while still dealing significant harm, and it has a short cooldown. Doubling up on this weapon is the most consistent way to stagger or damage bosses. It fires quickly, is deadly accurate, and reloads in no time.
4. VVC-760PR Plasma Rifle

[Image: AIL4fc_Xck1U3yV5KBWI_UqPBCE4PBBNGc07LTXg...authuser=0]
The Plasma Rifle generates a damaging zone that lingers briefly. When you charge it up, the plasma fire scatters, triggering multiple explosions that can affect multiple enemies. This is a very reliable weapon suitable for various boss encounters and can even serve as your primary weapon for a long time in the game. Surprisingly, many of Armored Core 6's powerful weapons are available early in the game. Yes, you can acquire this potent tool as early as chapter one. With this weapon, you can effortlessly destroy your enemies.
5. SONGBIRDS Grenade Cannon

[Image: AIL4fc-yIyi5bx7Bk9rMZwiF2Q2BNk7LhllZhY6D...authuser=0]
Surprisingly, SONGBIRDS is a favorite among many for a shoulder weapon, and the best part? It's available early in the game. It may sound too good to be true, but it's the real deal. This double-barreled beauty packs a serious punch with impressive damage and impact. You can count on it in any situation, be it against MTs, ACs, or even bosses.
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