Your Fundraising ABC’s - Over 75 unique fundraising ideas from A-Z

With Fall here, we know there’s a good chance that you are hitting that back-to-school frenzy. And doesn’t it always seem like along with the start of school and after-school activities comes the need to start fundraising for athletic boosters, special assemblies, and so many more needs for these activities.

It’s no surprise that when the kids go back to school, you’ll be hit up for ideas, your time as a volunteer, and money. So we thought we’d help you out with some simple, easy, and lucrative fundraising ideas to get those juices flowing. Here’s our A to Z list of fundraising activities. Hopefully you’ll find a few new ones!

P.S.- There are lots of great ideas here that have nothing to do with schools and kids, so take a peak even if your organization isn’t kid-centric!

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A             Auctions, Art Sales, Advertising Space

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B             Book Sale, Bike-A-Thon, Barn Sale, Board Games Night, Bake Sale, Baby Sitting, Beefsteak Dinner

C             Car Wash, Comedy Show, Candy Bar Sales, Cake Walk, Carnival, Carline Coffee, Cook-off

D             Dress-Down Days, Dinner Dance, Dog Show, Dodge Ball Tournament

E             Egg Hunt, Errand Service

F              Fun Run, Face Painting, Family Fun Day, Festival or Fair, Fashion Show

G             Gala, Golf Outing, Great American Savings Card {affiliate link}

H             House Tours, Hole-in-One, Haunted House

I               Ice Cream Social

J              Jail or Bail, Just Ask

K             Karaoke Wars

L              Live Auction, Lock-In

M            Murder Mystery Night, Magazine Sales, Marathons, Matching Gifts

N             The Non-Fundraiser

O             Outdoor Movie Night, Odd Job Helpers, Online Auction

P             Plant Sale, Pancake Breakfast, Parking Space Auction, Pie Sales, Parents’ Night Out

Q             Quit It for Charity, Quarters Auction

R             Raffles, Running Events, Recipe Books, Rubber Ducky Race, Read-a-Thon, Restaurant Takeovers

S              Smooch-the-Pooch, Spare Change Collections, Student/Faculty Basketball Game, Scratchcards {affiliate link}

T              Tricky Tray, Talent Shows, Tag the Bag, Trivia Night, Tap Takeover

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U             Uniform Sale

V             Variety Show

W            Wall-o-Money, Wine Pull, Wrapping Paper Sales

X             X Marks the Spot Scavenger Hunt

Y              You’ve Been Flocked, You’ve Been Forked, Yard Work

Z              Zumba Marathon - Over 75 unique fundraising ideas from A-Z

Did we miss anything? Are you going to try any of these ideas? What do you think?


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