Virtual Volunteers, The New Virtual Reality Of Nonprofits

Computer screens with a splash of color behind and two people virtually meeting on each. The text "virtual volunteers" overlays the image.

With people out of a job or even just stuck at home with more free time than they know what to do with, there is an untapped potential. The building blocks for a virtual army of volunteers are out there. I know, I know, the term volunteer conjures up images of community members gathering together to do things like a food production line to feed the homeless or cleaning up trash on earth day. However, there are tons of jobs doable remotely. What is clear is during this public health crisis is that a lot of work is possible from home. There is much work that can be done digitally by volunteers.

Remote Volunteering Is The Next Frontier

Finding remote volunteers has never been easier. Sites like Catchafire can facilitate a streamlined search for ideal volunteers. Search only for the skills you need. The potential volunteers are only shown to you if they desire to help your specific cause.  Another similar site to check out is Taproot. The best part of Taproot is that it is free for nonprofits to use.

Why Are Volunteers Going This Route

There are people out there right now who are looking for a way to give back in times of need. On the other hand, some just want something to do. People with Masters degrees, accomplished journalists, or even people with management and organizational skills are all available. They can help you out when it comes to completing your organization’s mission. By all this I mean you that the highly skilled staff you need is available pro bono. You don’t have to spend the big bucks hiring specialists when there are many out there already looking for you.

Final Thoughts

Virtual volunteers can do a range of tasks, from short-term to long-term. Most people have access to a computer or a phone and an internet connection. They would be able to complete most of what is needed by your organization. Virtual volunteers can be anywhere in the world and still help out. The applicants you see perfectly fit because they only apply for the experiences they want.

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