Using Scratchcards To Increase Your Donations FUNdraising with Scratchcards

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If your group is looking for a fun and exciting new way to obtain donations, Scratchcards {affiliate link} are the newest craze that may help you get the well-deserved funds you are looking for. Customers will have the option in scratching one or more spots off of a card to see what their donation amount will be for your cause.

If you buy cards that have thirty scratch off spots, the amounts will vary from $1 to $5 per spot. Sixty spot cards have spots that cover up values from free to $2.50 per scratch off. Let your customers have the luck of the draw when figuring out what their donations can be! Let them know ahead of time what the highest value is so they are aware that they will be responsible for this amount if it is scratched off of the card.

Each cardholder would need to get all the spots scratched off to make the most value from the card. The best part is that when a group decides to purchase these cards (which come in groups of ten), the profits are astronomical! The amount the group gets to keep can value up to 90% of the amount scratched off on the cards! This is crazy insane money that can be well-used within your organization!

Take a look into the Scratchcard phenomenon. Anyone that enjoys scratching off an instant lottery ticket will be happy to scratch off their donation amount. It is a fun way to see how much they will be contributing to your cause. Cards can also come personalized with a picture of your group right on the front of the card. They can be placed inside your pocket for a quick grab when you see an opportunity to make a sale.

For the customer, they will not only get the enjoyment of scratching off their donation amount, but they will also receive a coupon booklet chock full of area savings to restaurants, stores and services. These coupons will last the year through and the customer will get deep discounts on things they may be buying in town. What a great way to make your money! Your group gets a donation and the customer gets savings as well! It is a win-win for all involved. Scratchcard fundraisiers bring in the scratch!Looking for a few fundraising ideas with Scratchcards? One way is to hold a booth at the front of another event such as a school book fair or a scout picnic event. Have little games set up for children to play inside the booth for a donation on a Scratchcard. Parents can take a scratch, pay the fee, and go inside the booth to make crafts or play the games that you have set up.

Some other fundraising ideas can be to use the scratchcards as payment for baked goods or craft sales. Hold a bake sale and have a special tray of cookies or brownies that cost the price of a scratch of the card. This will also work for a craft sale. Have a small craft item up for sale for the price of a scratch of the ticket. Make the items extra eye-appealing so that passersby will want that specific treat when they see it. For the price of the scratch, it is all theirs! The bonus is they will get the coupon booklet as well! You can get your Scratchcards at {affiliate link} and increase those donations in a simple and fun way!

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