The Ultimate Spare Change Drive Manual The Ultimate Spare Change Drive ManualRunning a Spare Change Drive isn’t hard, but it’s a good idea to decide on a few ground rules. The Ultimate Spare Change Manual is intended to help you get started. We hope your spare change drive will be fun and successful.

  1. Choose an Advisor
    Once your school decides to participate, it will be important to choose an advisor. Your advisor should be a teacher, administrator, coach, etc., who will be responsible for getting any necessary organization approvals. Your advisor is also the person who will keep your donations secure and deposit your donations at the appropriate times.
  1. Decide on Your Dates and Strategy Dates
    Set specific dates for your drive. You should decide at the start how long your spare change drive will run. This helps create enthusiasm as the drive progresses. The typical time for a spare change drive is 4-6 weeks, but that is up to you. Strategy spare change drives can take many forms, from the simplest collection of spare change in the cafeteria, local businesses, and at home to a friendly competition between different groups with an organization like classes, grades, or clubs. Your group should decide which strategy will work best for your organization. BUT DO NOT ALLOW STUDENTS TO GO DOOR TO DOOR.
  1. Announcing Your Drive
    The success of your drive will depend on how well you get the word out.
    Send or email a letter to your community introducing the project. Include the dates and explain why you will be collecting money. Make posters or displays on a bulletin board. Use Social Media and be sure to share your success. Use Facebook and Twitter to let everyone know how you are doing and any tips you have learned. Challenge your friends and family to join you. Use your email list: Be sure to announce your drive in your newsletters. Don’t forget to mention where they can go to drop spare change. The goal is to get as much participation as possible.
  1. Select Containers and Print Spare Change Drive Manual
    Paint containers and mason jars with slots cut in the top are a great options, but be creative—just about anything can work. Whatever you choose, be sure to create a label to go around it that includes the “who” “what” “when” and “why.” You’re looking to collect spare change to support ABC Organization as they aid in helping to make sure that every child in their community has a nutritious lunch.
  2. Your Donations
    Beware, most coin counting machines charge up to 10% of your total donation and not all locations accept pennies.

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