The Ultimate Donor List

Make Your Events More Profitable

How To Get Donations Fast, Easy, And Without Having To Leave Your Home

UltimateDonations is for anyone wanting to increase their organization’s fundraising efforts even if they don’t know where to start. Indeed, raising funds can be challenging! We have compiled the ultimate donor list for you to get donations fast.

This online community will guide you through the processes of:

  • Writing powerful solicitation letters
  • Navigating online donation request forms
  • What donors donate in your area

Why UltimateDonations?

Work with a youth organization, church, school, non-profit, or other community group looking to raise funds?

Feel like your fundraising events could do better?

Want to save yourself time spent researching donors?

Maybe your organization planned an event or fundraiser that afterward wasn’t as successful as you had hoped it would be, or maybe your organization is having trouble raising the funds in need for new uniforms…

… but you’re looking for the secrets of how to put together profitable events, get donations, and successfully raise funds for your organization.

UltimateDonations can do that for you!

Benefits of UltimateDonations

We help you:

  • Find donors that donate in your location
  • Keep everything in one, organized space

We teach you:

  • How to write solicitation letters that make an impact
  • What donors are looking for

We give you:

  • Donors that are most likely to give to your organization
  • Discounts with partnering programs

Become a Member Today!

If you are looking for a magic bullet to raise millions of dollars for your organization, then this isn’t your type of program.

Successful fundraising is about engaging your community, particularly in these difficult times.

Join UltimateDonations to unlock the knowledge needed to get donations.

I’ve been there…

I’ve been involved in community service and fundraising for the last two decades, doing everything from volunteering my time for an hour or two to working in leadership roles for events that bring in thousands of people. 

I wish when I had started out I would have had a community of people to share ideas with, troubleshoot issues, or help me figure out ways to improve what was being done.

For example, I remember feeling like my organization could do better, try something new, raise more funds, find easier ways of doing things…

Just because things were always done one way doesn’t mean it’s the only way for things to be done.

In summary, if you want to learn, to engage, to do better for your organization, UltimateDonations can help you do that.

Is UltimateDonations for you?

This membership is for you if you:

  • Want to improve your fundraising projects and events
  • Want a custom tailored list of donors
  • Are willing to try new things and think out of the box
  • Want to make your solicitation letter the best it can be

On the other hand, this membership is NOT for you if you:

  • Are looking to keep doing things the way they have always been done
  • Are not willing to engage your community
  • Like to complain and aren’t open to new ideas
  • Have BIG money to throw at events and fundraising

Raise More Funds.

Take Action. Start Today.

You might be thinking…

Will this work for my organization?

In fact, we have helped all kinds of organizations be more successful with their events. From youth groups, to sports leagues, to nonprofits we’ve helped them navigate the donation request process and write better solicitation letters.

Will I have time for this?

Hopefully you have found us with enough time to prepare and plan your upcoming fundraiser. That being said, everything has been set up for you to take at your own pace. Navigate to what you need now and save the rest for later. Of course, with any program the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Be sure to stay active and involved.

What happens if I’m not great with technology?

Don’t worry about it! We’ve made everything super easy and we’re here to help you and teach you how to make technology your friend!

What if I’ve never run a fundraiser before?

Helena Hayes once said: “Every expert was once a beginner” and UltimateDonations is the perfect place to get started.

What are my payment options?

We have 3 package options that you can choose from depending on how many donors you would like to start with. The Silver Package includes 25 potential donors for $25 (Just $1 each!), the Gold Package includes 100 potential donors for $50 (Just 50¢ each!), and we also have the Platinum Package which includes 200 potential donors for $70 (Just 35¢ each!).

To sum up, join UltimateDonations TODAY! To start your journey, just sign up on our home page.

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