Something To AmazonSmile About!

Ancient female warior statue with an emoji smile over her faceLast year, 2018, marked five years since the creation of the AmazonSmile Foundation. In that time, AmazonSmile donated $100 million dollars to a pool of over a million registered charities. There is no cost to the charity or the user, and Amazon does not take a percentage. Charities can also make product wish lists that users can purchase and donate. It just makes sense to register your organization for a free AmazonSmile account.  

0.5% of the purchase price on tens of millions of eligible products can be donated, it doesn’t make sense not to sign your organization up for AmazonSmile. Prices are not increased on eligible items, so it is a win-win for everyone. Current and potential members of your organization who already shop on Amazon only need to change the URL ( they use when shopping, with no need for a new account. The only thing that Amazon users need to do once getting to the site is to pick the charity they want to donate to. This is of particular benefit since it makes donating easy and carefree. 

Organizations must be located in the United States, registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3), public charity, and not be supporting organizations. Just have an official representative from your eligible organization sign up for the service to start your path toward increased donation revenue. Your organization might even have donations waiting from before registering. Donated funds are electronically transferred to the organization’s bank account at the end of each quarter. They will not send checks. 

Potential downfalls still exist. Donors on AmazonSmile have the potential to become complacent when it comes to direct contributions to your organization. Also, valuable donor information will not be gathered, making future planning harder. 

Keep in mind that donations made through AmazonSmile is not tax deductible for the purchaser. Signup can be done on AmazonSmile Org Central ( Make sure to check in on your account every so often to make sure that your organization is still in good standing. For instance, changes can arise due to adjustments to your IRS status. Do not rely solely on this source of funds for the operation of your organization. It’s great as a supplement but is too unpredictable to be a primary source. 

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