The 6 Week Fundraising Event Challenge: The Tap Takeover. Pull together a successful fundraising event in just 6 weeks!

Tap Takeovers can be really great events for organizations who have an “in” with a local restaurant or bar. This event is for your organization if:

  1. Your organization meets monthly at a restaurant, bar or pub, and they would consider hosting a fundraising event for you.
  2. A member of your organization owns or has strong connections with a restaurant, bar or pub.

What I like about this event is that it is relatively easy to organize, your location can actually help you to advertise, and you don’t need a ton of volunteers to run it since the restaurant staff will be doing most of the heavy lifting.


Here’s how it works:

You’ll need to find a restaurant, bar or pub that is willing to close it’s doors (or maybe a part of it’s space) for a private party.  Instead of serving their regular selections, you and the location would coordinate some specialty beers to put on tap, and decide on a fee that patrons will pay, with some (or all!) of the proceeds going to your organization. The organization sells the tickets and is available at the event to attend to registrations and promote their cause. It’s pretty easy, and a lot of fun. Don’t forget to find sponsors for the event, and have cards for taxis on hand just in case.

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The 6 Week Fundraising Event Challenge: The Tap Takeover. Pull together a successful fundraising event in just 6 weeks!

Tips for a successful Tap Takeover:

  • Be sure to offer food at the event. A buffet of bar food like chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, nachos, etc.
  • Find a taxi company to sponsor your event and make them the exclusive designated driver for those in need.
  • Create 3 ticket price-points: a VIP ticket,  a regular ticket, and a designated driver ticket.
  • Sell other stuff! If your organization has merchendise, sell it! T-shirts, bumper stickers, bags… anything!
  • Create a special beer mug for your event. Sell it for a fee, or include it with a VIP ticket.
  • Wondering how to make the VIP ticket special? Let VIPs in 1 hour early, or offer them special swag!
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