A Hole in One for Your Next Fundraiser

We’ve got a new spin on an old favorite.

It seems like everyone is using golf outings to raise money for their organization these days, and for good reason. Golf outings can be huge money makers if done correctly, and they offer a low-key way to get donors together in beautiful surroundings. So we’re taking this concept and flipping it on its head for a family-friendly event that is sure to be packed!

Here’s how it works:

You’ll need to find a place to host your event. Work with a local mini-golf facility to set a date. You’ll want to negotiate for either a substantially reduced per game fee or, better yet, a flat rate for exclusive use of the establishment. You’ll then set rates for your event. Don’t forget a discount for foursomes, or even a flat-rate family ticket (to accommodate families just under or over 4 people).

Just as with other golf outings, you’ll want to find sponsors and donations. Perhaps sponsors will sponsor a hole with the opportunity for those who get a hole in one to win a prize, or prizes for highest and lowest scores, etc. Or maybe you’ll want to give out a swag bag at your event full of promotional material and free items from your sponsors. Don’t forget to find out if you are allowed to sell concessions, that’s another great money maker!

REMINDER: If you decide to hold a raffle, silent auction, or tricky tray you may need to obtain a raffle license from both the town your event is being held in, and the state. Please allow extra time for this.


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