Requesting Donations – Tips and Tricks

Requesting donations title on a Scrabble backgroundResearch/Practice/Plan/Identify/Compose

When figuring out appropriate donors to target for your organization/event, start with an outline of who/what/where/why/when/how to better understand how your organization’s mission fits with the donors values. Figure out what you can offer the donor and why they would donate; for example, supporting the local community will act as advertisement. After potential donors have been worked out, memorize your pitch forwards and backwards, so you can answer any question that is thrown your way. If necessary find templates to guide your process.

Find a contact/Go to the donor/Form a relationship

Building a personal rapport with donors you are targeting is beneficial, leading them to feel they have a personal stake. The earlier you start this process the better, because a slow build up of trust between you and the donor can produce repeat donations over the course of years. Be sure to demonstrate how the donor will make a difference in their community.

Be to the point/Leave your safe zone/Variety of communication methods

Be prepared for rejections. This is a normal part of the process and you need to make sure to handle it graciously. Networking can be valuable, so don’t burn your bridges. Let the potential donor articulate their feelings. Ask them questions to get their advice, letting them feel like an expert. Be sure to mention specifics, such as what exactly you are asking for.

“Thank you” is a keyword/Follow up

Restate the specifics of your meeting/correspondence and remind them of their promise. Maintain the relationship with the donor so that they keep your organization in mind in the future.

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