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Writing More Effective Donation Requests

How do I go about writing a letter asking for donations for a 501(c)(3) PTO? I have always written requests in my own way. I feel more like there is probably a better way to go about it. What kind of format do I use?

Lauren K., Madison, WI 

Donation request letters are a make-or-break quest for the outcome of nonprofit events. There are literally unlimited ways to write a request letter, some better than others. Remember, the solicitation letter is, a lot of times, the first contact you are making with a donor. Put your best foot forward. I personally like to use the following structure, content, and tips when editing letters for Ultimate Donation users. Each main bullet point is usually a paragraph. As always with request letters, use your organization’s letterhead.

  • The Greeting:
    • Personalize, whenever possible, with the contact person’s name.
    • Introduce: 
      • Your organization: 
        • Briefly summarize your organization’s mission. 
      • Your event: 
        • What is the official title/name? 
        • At what Date/Time? 
    • What specific donation are you looking for? 
  • The Event: 
    • Where will the event be held? 
    • In a sentence, what will occur? 
    • How many attendees? 
    • What are the demographics of attendees? 
  • The Personal Story: 
    • Give an example of how a past event went. 
      • What did you raise? 
      • What were you able to do? 
    • A personal connection with the donor is what you are after! 
  • The Benefit to the Donor: 
    • Are you’re a 501(c)(3), or similar? Mention that donations are tax-deductible. 
    • Will the donor be recognized with banner ads, mention on the radio, name in email blast, ad in the event program, etc. 
    • Is this a local event, state wide, or larger? 
    • Sell the donor on the donation! 
  • The Wrap Up: 
    • Reiterate, in a different way, why this donation is important. 
    • Thank the donor for their consideration. 
  • The Salutation: 
    • Include your contact information. 

The main take-a-ways are to keep it short, stick to the specifics, let the donor know exactly what you are looking for, spell out the benefits the donor will receive for a donation, and, arguably most important, make the letter personal. Being up front and honest is how you build trust. Writing a well thought out and engaging letter takes practice, but you will be getting plenty of that doing requests for even one event 😉. 

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