Nonprofit Social Media Platform Pandemic Pivot

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Fundraising Strategies for the New Normal

With the population of the U.S. in large part staying at home, nonprofits have had to pivot. New strategies are being found to keep providing the necessary support they provide. Nonprofits are turning out in force using social media to raise funds. There are even anecdotal stories of being able to raise thousands of dollars a day from some medium sized organizations.

Organizations Are Turning To Facebook

One particular avenue being turned to is the use of Facebook advertisements asking for donations. Have the ad link back to a way to donate on your organization’s website for maximum benefit. Make sure to try to change donors into monthly contributors instead of one time givers.

Method Of Action

Figure out who your audiences are and target them with very specific language. Facebook gives all kinds of options for getting your message to the audience you need. Typically it is known as having a large and active Baby Boomer user base and it is the fastest growing of all groups on the site. To reiterate, be specific with all aspects of this. Narrow it down to one city per targeted ad, make a personal plea that is tailored as well, let them know how events are cancelled and then send out your ads to see how they do. Tweak each ad depending on how it does. You may even gain insight into how to target on other social media platforms.

Facebook has a large chunk of the market share all around, so that might not be your only targeted audience. 71% of adults in America use Facebook, but only about 10% of the total user base are American. This makes it harder to wade through the numbers. On the other hand with it being so popular, in March 2020, they had 221,112 unique U.S. home/work locations. That’s locations, not individual users. So that should give you an idea of its reach.

Do not just stop there! Check out the data set below from Pew Research. It will give an idea of where your target audience might be holding up.

User Statistics Across Popular Social Media

Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn

Image Source: Pew Research

Twitter / Pinterest / Snapchat

Image Source: Pew Research

YouTube / WhatsApp / Reddit

Image Source: Pew Research

There’s Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

Social media platforms that are available to you run the gambit and all have vastly different potential audiences. For example, Pinterest has a large percentage of suburban/urban 18-49 year-old female college graduates, in particular, moms, compared to other groups on the platform. Pinterest entered 2020 as the third-largest social media platform for American users, having over 2 billion searches a month. March of 2020 saw Pinterest receive 102,384 unique U.S. home/work locations connecting to their site.

Instagram has a pretty even distribution of the sexes but is skewed toward 18-29 year-olds who have at least some college under their belt. Boasting 1 billion active accounts every month, Instagram can also say that 90% of accounts follow businesses. This is a great platform to get people, especially the younger generations, involved.

There are a gaggle of other platforms out there though, and not enough time to discuss them in this post; for example, Twitter is mostly 18-29 year-olds. However, Snap chat is where it is at in terms for users in that age group, out of the five platforms mentioned previously. There is also Reddit, a whole other beast, but very good for getting to specific groups of youth. You just need to do it right. 


The time is short to enact any plans for fundraising as people’s wallets are getting tighter. Physical stimulus checks are currently getting deposited. People who are more well off might want to help out with a donation if they feel the money could be put to better use. Now is when you need to dump fundraising budgets into what is working for your organization currently. Evaluate what has worked in the past and change as necessary.

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