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google_grantsThere is a little known secret from in the nonprofit world that Google will donate ad space to US-based 501(c)(3) organizations.  Think of how you could communicate your cause to the world with an in-kind grant of $10,000 – $40,000 in ads on Google a month.  You could attract more volunteers and gifts than ever.  Google Ad Grants will enable your organization to raise awareness of your goals to people all over the world who meet your demographic.  Make your focus local or global.A Google Ad Grant can help an organization prosper due to the wide audience and being able to target those people who are most likely to engage.  Due to your ad being visible on the side of Google searches you are able to increase the likelihood of your organization and cause being known.  Your organization will also show up when people are searching for similar organizations.  Lets face it, when you make the process to volunteer or donate easier, you bolster your chances of getting the help you need

$10,000 a Month in Google Ad Grants for $200 a Month

To qualify for the Google Ad Grant of $10,000 a month, your organization must hold a current 501(c)(3) status and agree to Google’s certifications about nondiscrimination and donation receipt/use.  Organizations that are not eligible include government entities, academic institutions/schools, hospitals/medical groups, and childcare industries.  If you meet these requirements, Ultimate Donations will take care of everything else.

For $200 a month we will obtain and maintain a Google Ad Grant for your Organization.

We will set up your ad campaign and monitor it, making adjustments accordingly, to give you the best results possible.  We will look at the strengths and weaknesses of the target words to keep your organization in the limelight.  Do certain key words get you more donations, while others garner you more volunteers?  We can tailor your ads to get you what you need.

$40,000 a Month in Google Grantspro Program Ads for $2000 a Month

For an even more hands-on approach, we offer a package to bring your organization’s site up to the extremely stringent eligibility requirements for Google’s Grantspro program, which donates $40,000 a month in ads.  To meet these requirements, for $x we will work with your site to get it ready to go through the application process.  After the grant is obtained, for $2000 a month, we will maintain your site to keep its eligibility for the continuation of the grant as well as creation/optimization to obtain volunteers, donations, and overall visitors to your site.  We can create an intuitive and responsive site that will succeed by providing individualized treatment, with a focus on results that make your organization’s site stand out.

Landing Page Creation

For those who want to get the most out of their ad grants and are not eligible for, or do not wish to participate in, the Grantspro Program, we offer services to create landing pages for different ad campaigns with the intention of capturing the interest of anyone who clicks your ad.  For example, if some ads are driving potential volunteers to your page, then you’ll want them to arrive on a landing page that’s tailored specifically for them.  Our custom pages will create more opportunities for your organization, in addition to being great for organic search engine optimization of your site.

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