Making Restaurant Donations Work for You

Ultimate Donations: Making Restaurant Donations Work for You www.UltimateDonations.orgGift certificates to restaurants are often some of the easiest donations to get, and most sought after, even if they aren’t the most lucrative. In fact, these gift certificates will often go for face value at charity events—no more, no less. Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek them out. Here are two different ways you can deal with them.

If you have an abundance of gift certificates to restaurants, think about adding a “Grub Grab” or “Dine n’ Dash” to your event. It’s a super easy way to make some cash quick. Here’s what you do. Collect all of your restaurant gift certificates that have a dollar amount (for example $10 to McDonald’s, not one that is for “dinner for 2”), and put them aside. Now create a board with the name of each restaurant and the face value, and display it on a table for your guests to see. As attendees walk up to the table, allow the first person willing to pay the face value to walk away with the gift certificate. If there are no more of that gift certificate, cross it off the list. It’s the kind of fundraiser where people feel good about spending the money, because they would have spent it anyway. It’s that simple.

Your other option is to lump all the gift certificates in a single raffle. This is usually called simply a Restaurant Raffle. The lucky winner receives all of your gift certificates. Typically these raffles are a little more expensive than your $1 or $5 50/50 raffles, since winners receive a substantial amount of loot. If you have a lot of gift certificates (over 20, let’s say), consider having two drawings and spread the wealth. Be sure that if you go the route of the Restaurant Raffle, you look into your state’s raffle license requirements.

How do you use your restaurant gift certificates?

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