Keep Donors on Board…Changed Their Mind!

Stylized image of a brain with the title "Keep Donors on Board...Change Their Mind!The core issues of fundraising for any non-profit organization have been around for a long time. To strengthen your organization’s success in raising funds, it is key to always ask yourself questions from an outside perspective. For example, if your organization does not have enough staff to run an efficient operation then the core question to ask yourself is, “Do you just not have enough staff or do you need people with specific qualifications?” Below I will get into some important questions to ask yourself that can lead to retaining donors as well as finding potential pitfalls or increases of donations.

Do we build trust with donors? Are we getting the point across that the donors are the key to change being possible?

Donors want to give money and they just need to know their gifts will actually help. Faith in your organization is of the utmost importance to donors before they will give. If they are skeptical, it can lead to donors being overly dubious about things like if the organization’s budget is too high. This can lead to a positive feedback loop of having to slash your budget to get donors but then not having enough money to continue with your mission. To counter this train of thought, give donors enough information to let them feel like they are making an informed decision. After they have donated, make sure to let them clearly know the positive changes that their donation has made or will make.

What is the retention rate of your organization? How can you improve? Are donors having a positive experience?

Losing donors due to attrition is a given. Your organization must focus on keeping donors who you have before spending all your energy to obtain new ones who will in turn not stick around for repeat donations. The retention rate of your organization will be the key to your organization’s financial health.

What technology are we currently using and how does it fit into your organization’s strategy? Do you use all the data available to measure your success? Otherwise, what can you do to improve your data collection and use?

It can be mind-boggling with how much data  is available (collected through signups or even just internet searches) at the press of a key. If you are overwhelmed, just take it slow, after sifting through everything you will be able to appraise the situation you are dealing with an take an informed action. Use online platforms to acquire donors through direct mail, the Internet, and social media. It is easier and costs less to maintain these lists, and it will take a lot to run out of potential donors. Also you can data mine your accounts to create a well-planned and implemented campaign to maintain your donor base or even traget specific donors by dividing them into multiple groupings. One strategy I’ve seen used in many organizations is to create an opportunity for donors who might otherwise have donated to the organization’s own cause to support another cause.

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