Have you seen our new look?

In case you haven’t noticed, something is different about us!See what our customers are saying! www.UltimateDonation.org

We’ve redesigned our website and are inviting you to check it out! Along with the redesign comes the ability to upgrade your account and get more prospective donors for your fundraising event. And, even if you don’t want to upgrade, you’ll still get a customized donor list of 50 potential donors just by answering a short survey. Once you receive your list, just go through and solicit each of these donors. As donors make donations to your fundraising event, track and manage them through our software to keep everything organized.

Organizations hosting silent auctions, live auctions, tricky trays, Chinese auctions, and similar events to raise money for their causes will benefit greatly from our site. Use donations as stand alone items, or package them together for maximum impact.

Thanks for checking out www.UltimateDonations.org. We look forward to helping you meet and exceed your fundraising goals.

Media and Marketing at Ultimate Donations
Jaime is the conceptual mastermind behind UltimateDonations.org, a website that helps nonprofits find and request product donations for fundraising events. When she is not helping nonprofit events to reach their fullest potential, she's spending time with her two adorable girls, volunteering within her local community, and sneaking leftover Halloween candy when no one is looking.