FREE Auction Items that’ll SHOW YOU THE MONEY

Ultimate Donations: FREE auction item ideas that'll SHOW YOU THE MONEY $$$$ www.UltimateDonations.orgYou know the old adage “you can’t get something for nothing”? Well, when it comes to fundraising events sometimes you can get the most out of things that, on paper, are worth the least. Are you confused yet?

Think about this. You go to your church’s annual silent auction and notice an item for a designated parking spot in a prime location just for the winner of the auction for the whole year. When you walk in, you see that the bidding starts at $5, with a $5 incremental raise. The item itself is worth nothing. There are a hundred parking spots in the lot, and it costs your church nothing to set it aside for someone. You keep walking and grab some appetizers. As you chat with some friends you hear the buzz starting. People are talking about how great it would be to get to church 5 minutes before mass and know that you won’t have to search for a spot! You go back to check it out; bidding is already up to $80! You hear someone say, “$80? I’d pay that just for Christmas day!” By the end of the event, the item is finally sold for a whopping $230. Amazing!

There are so many items like this out there. They may not have much worth, but they are definitely priceless! Here are a few:Ultimate Donations: FREE Auction items that will SHOW YOU THE MONEY $$$

  • Be principal, pastor, or coach for the day.
  • Pick the lunch menu for a week
  • Front row, reserved seats for an important event like graduation, Easter Sunday or a big game
  • A walk-on role in the school play
  • No homework passes, extra recess, and no uniform days for your child’s class
  • A three hour party in the organization’s gym or rec room on a mutually agreed upon date
  • Tickets to an upcoming sought-after event

The possibilities are endless!


Do you have any other ideas that have been successful? We’d LOVE to hear about them. Please leave us a comment below! And don’t forget our giveaway for a $100 Disney Gift Card is going on for the whole month of March! Don’t miss your chance to win one for your fundraising event here!


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