Don’t forget these Tricky Tray Supplies!

IDON'T FORGET THESE love Tricky Tray events. They are fun and inviting, and most of all, they are a great money maker! They are great as a stand-alone event or as a small component of a larger event. But they do need a special supply list. Here’s our top picks for this type of event.

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Auction Tickets auction tickets

This is far and away the best ticket option for your participants. These tickets {Aff} are specifically designed for tricky trays and silent auctions. Each sheet includes a Keep This Ticket for the participant, as well as a Door Prize ticket and 25 raffle tickets per sheet, all using the same number which makes it much easier for participants to figure out if they are winners!

Ticket BagsTricky Tray receptical

You will need some type of receptacle for your tickets. You can use baskets or bowls, but I like paper bags {Aff}. They are cheap and uniform, and can either stand up on the table or hang off it if you are in need of a space-saver. Just make sure that you label both the bag and the item clearly so that everyone knows where to put their tickets!

Basket Wrapgames basket

You will want to make sure that all your goodies stay inside the basket, so make sure you pick up some rolls of cellophane {Aff}. Wrapping baskets in cellophane mean that people will have a clear view of what they are trying to win, without the worry of something falling out or being taken– especially if there are smaller high value items inside like gift cards. Basket bags may be more convenient, but the rolls give you way more bang for your buck! Plus they can accommodate baskets of all sizes without being wasteful.

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