Don’t Cancel Your Auction Fundraiser… Just Change to a Mobile Online Auction!

2 Free Mobile Online Auction Platforms That Work

Hands using a mobile phone auction application with the tile "Don't Cancel Your Auction Fundraiser... Just Change to a Mobile Online Auction"

Any time that a nonprofit organization is unable to hold/schedule a fundraiser, it always feels like a wasted chance and money left on the table. Good news everybody: there is another way! Online auctions allow organizations to increase the window of opportunity for accepting bids. They can effectively turn a several hour event into an auction that is open and ready for bidders for a week or longer, 24/7. There are tons of online platforms for running online auctions and other fundraisers. Some even have a built-in audience that can add tremendously to your organization’s funds. Here are two auction software suites that allow you to use basic features for free, and if you like them, the cost to upgrade and increase your event’s potential won’t hurt your wallet.

1: Auctria

Highlight: Completely free for a single small auction.

Screenshot of the Auctria user dashboard

Auctria has been the backbone of well over 20,000 auctions and has 10,000 groups currently using the platform. It allows someone with no knowledge to learn within minutes; it’s that intuitive. Host your auctions on a customized professional looking website that has the ability to sell event tickets, acknowledge donors, promote your event, bid online, and much more. Above all, a small single event is free to run on Auctria.

24/7 Bidding

One key service that they offer is mobile bidding. By giving the ability to view, search, bid, and get notifications all on a phone or other mobile device, nonprofits are able to reach a much wider audience who can participate anytime and anywhere. Get your auction into as many hands as possible. People are stuck to their phones more than ever!

Take a Load Off

Every aspect of an auction is easily handle, from organizing and running it to collecting money and generating receipts. By saving yourself time and effort, you are able to focus on the important stuff that only you can do. For example, they give you the option to cut out having to manage bids and do marketing by automating the entire auction. We are talking about even being able to generate bid sheets, gift certificates, and auction catalogs.

See the Trends

Another great reason to try Auctria is the ability to seamlessly track donors and bidders over the course of the process. Generate reports automatically for staff. All this information is in one place making trends east to analyze and act upon in real time. which equals more opportunity for success. Speaking of staff, your organization can work on the same auction at the same time anywhere in the world 24/7 since it is in the cloud.

The Cost

The Auctria free “Lite” account lets any organization try out the platform for a single event that has up to 30 items and up-to $2,750 in bids. There is also a demo that allows you to check out all the potential.


Highlight: Access to thousands of bidders for your event from their online community.

Screenshot of the dashboard is great for PTA’s, churches, schools, shelters, and many many more. Everything you could want in a cloud-based platform is here in force, because you normally have to pay for these extra features. It is intuitive and if you run into any problems, it has unlimited free customer support. even offers basic features for free and no subscriptions.

All Inclusive Custom Website

Create a custom auction website with the design of your choosing. It offers the ability to accept online cash donations through PayPal integration and selling tickets. A credit card reader is also available for a small fee from PayPal. Staff are able to track all data, this includes bids and purchase prices too.’s auction management software lets you get the most out of volunteers, donors, items, and solicitors. You can even auto-generate invoices for any account free.

Streamline Bidding

From the virtual attendees’ point of view, they can print bid sheets and certificates, preview items, receive bid email and text notifications, as well as pre-bid items all with a streamlined checkout. This makes the whole process easy and painless. All of these features are available via mobile and in-room bidding which means no more paper! In-room bidding is a thing of beauty when seen in action. No more hurt feelings because the auctioneer had to decide which person raised their paddle first and it will show that your organization embraces technological change.

Built-in Bidders

Arguably, the best aspect of this platform is that your online auction is shares your organization’s auction with their expansive bidding community. With access to bidders from all over the world, your auction has almost endless potential. “If you build it, they will come!”

The Cost

There is no reason to sleep on because the platform offers free accounts for everyone. A modest fee of 5% is only due if your event is online only as well as raises money. That’s right! You can use it free if you are hosting a traditional auction, however, online earnings do have the fee associated with them.

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