Donor Spotlight: Disney (and a GIVEAWAY!)

Ultimate Donations Donor Spotlight: Disney. Successfully package your Disney World donations for your event. www.UltimateDonations.orgDisney is a wonderful option if you are looking for a donation. Although their process is a long and somewhat daunting one, successfully finishing the Disney donation request form may yield you four 1-Day Park Hopper® passes to Disney World or Disney Land, that’s somewhere in the neighborhood of a $600 item! 501(c)3 organizations looking to request donations must do so a minimum of 60 days in advance, to a maximum of 6 months in advance. Only one request per 12 month period will be accepted.

My experience with Disney donation requests has been a positive one in the past. Their process is intentionally cumbersome so as to weed out those who don’t qualify and/or those who don’t have the stamina and patience to get through the process. But if you can stick it out, the end result is worth it and is usually revealed to you within a few short weeks.

One of the great things about this donation is that it is perfect for any size event. Smaller charity auctions or tricky trays might utilize it all on its own as a featured item, but the donation is versatile enough to bring in some big money for larger events. It’s all in how you pair the item. If you are a smaller event, think about adding a stuffed Mickey Mouse® or the newest animated film on DVD to the basket as a nice take away, especially if you have kids at your event. It’s a great visual that will draw attention to your item. If you are a bigger event looking for your item to bring in significant money, there are a number of ways to pair the item. The most obvious choice is with airline tickets and/or hotel accommodations. Check out these categories in the Ultimate Donations database to see how you can find some potential donors. If your organization is nearby, think about pairing the Disney Park tickets with tickets from Universal Studios Florida® and SeaWorld® for a great stay-cation. Another great option is to find out if one of your organization members is a member of the Disney Vacation Club®. A donation of a few days in their timeshare brings significant added value to those tickets.

Whatever you choose, there’s always money to be had in this Disney Donation.

Disney Donation Request Form

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