Creating a Culture of Giving giving back to donorsYou many have heard the buzz about creating a culture of giving, but what does it mean for you and your organization?

When it comes to your supporters or charity event attendees the answer is sort of obvious. Be sure your supporters understand the importance of giving to your organization. Make sure your mission is clear, and most importantly, make supporters feel like they matter—whether they are giving your organization $5 or $5,000.

But what about your donors—the companies who have so generously donated items to your event in an effort to help you raise as much money as you can? As a thank you for their generosity you need to create an atmosphere where your supporters will become their supporters, especially to local donors in your community. You might be thinking, “Why is this so important?”

Well, it’s like this. The more your supporters and event attendees support your donors, and the more you encourage the supporting of your donors (through recognition in your programs, website, social media, etc.), the more willing your donors will be to support your organization again in the future. The key here is that you have to give in order to receive, especially at a local level where donors are feeling the pinch from a down economy, big box stores moving in, and the threat of online companies stealing their business away. But if you can do this, and do it well, it’ll pay dividends in the end. Trust me. donor love

Ideas on how to give back to your donors:

  • Host a partnered shopping day where customers will shop at a local business, and in return that business will give you 10% of all purchases back to your organization. Then advertise it like crazy!
  • Include sponsors logos, blurbs, and website links right in your newsletters encouraging supporters to show your donors some love. Check out the awesome example to the left from Friends of Rossmoor!
  • Waive a vendor fee at an event for donor companies that support you throughout the year.
  • Allow donor companies to put a flyer into your event swag/ goodie bag promoting their business.



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