Content is King

What does writing have to do with getting donations?

Content is King: What does writing have to do with getting donations?

Writing has everything to do with getting donations and the process of obtaining support. Communicating a message is made up of a few parts, and it is your job to understand those elements. Writing is an essential part of communicating your message because great communication is made up of both visuals and words. Writing should not be looked at as an afterthought because it is critical for communication. “Content first” is the name of the game.

Being personal is the chief goal when writing a donation letter, but you must also be direct. By using the donors name, you are opening up a friendly conversation instead of a cold mass-produced form. Have a conversational tone and include the word “you”, which implies familiarity and leads people to be more open to the message you are trying to convey. It is almost always a benefit to tug at the heart strings a little bit and tell a story. Do not overdo it! You risk pushing the donor away because they feel uncomfortable.  

By arming yourself with this knowledge, all that is left to do is to put it all together with your standard information about your organization, event, and define the problem. After that, add a catchy headline to interest, excite, or compel prospective donors to read on. Remember, content is important because good writing builds trust with donors through marketing your organization to them. The better a donor is informed, the more reasons they have to contribute to your cause. Let them know that they can make a difference and be a hero. Content should not be the bench warmer to communication because donors are convinced by the content. 

Don’t go overboard stylizing what your just wrote. Sometimes all you need to make your newly created content stand out is white space. Layout should be similar to a frame, working to enhance your work. You wouldn’t surround the Mona Lisa with a hot pink frame because it would detract from the real reason people come to see it.  

Content is not just about the words of a donation letter or other writing; it comes down to the nitty-gritty aspects like structure, substance, etc. A lot of people tend to think in terms of just getting to the point but instead you need to think of the whole picture because, after all, Content is King!

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