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Does your school or non-profit need to raise funds? Tackling the challenge of bringing more money to your favorite cause can be overwhelming. There are the old staples, like bakes sales and car washes. Unfortunately, food allergies complicate bake sales and realistically, neither car washes nor bake sales bring in much money. If you are serious about raising funds you need a great fundraiser. Check out our three tips for finding the best fundraiser for your organization.

Know Your People
Consider your potential donors. You are more likely to raise the money you need if you cater to a target audience. In this day and age, people are bombarded with requests for donations and attendance to fundraising events, so whatever you decide to do you need to make sure it resonates with your target audience. Millennials typically respond more to an events where they can do something with their friends. Think concerts, 5ks, comedy show. It should be interactive and engaging. Large income earners tend to prefer to write checks, however they often stop giving if they feel requests for funds are too frequent or not directly benefiting the cause.

Use Social Media
You can spread you fundraiser beyond your typical donors if you employ social media. No matter what fundraiser you choose, an in-person event or an online shop – have a plan for using social media. Be sure to utilize any type of account that your school or non-profit has—Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Encourage people to like, tag and share your posts, and don’t forget that posts that include a picture are more frequently shared than ones that do not. Selling tickets in advance will also be boosted through the use of social media. You may want to consider asking one of your volunteers to be in charge of the planning and executing of social media posts. It’s a big job that can pay off dividends if done correctly.

Partner Up
Regardless of what fundraiser you choose, remember to include businesses. Businesses can provide sponsorships, additional exposure for your event, and many businesses will also donate products. It is a great way for them to get their name in front of more people, and doubles as a win for your organization as well.

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