Breaking Down Solicitation Letters

Solicitation letters can be intimidating to write, but ultimately it just comes down to making sure you hit a few key points. Keep your letters to a one page maximum and include the following information: important event information, what you would like to receive (be specific, you’ll never get it if you don’t ask!), who will be there, why you are trying to raise money in the first place (share a personal story), how their company will benefit from getting involved, and how to contact you.

Don’t overestimate the importance of  sharing a personal story about your organization, or how their business will benefit. These are two EXTREMELY IMPORTANT points. Ultimately a company is going to decide whether or not to give based on their connection to you and/or your organization, or because of the exposure they will receive from participating. Be genuine with the former, and creative with the latter. It’ll all pay off.

Check out our sample solicitation letter below for some inspiration and see how we incorporated all of these points into one concise page. breaking down solicitation letters

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