7 Innovative Free (or Near to It) Technology Solutions for Nonprofits

We have finally had some time to take a look at various technology services that users have been hyping up. This list is a compilation of a handful of services which deserve to be highlight. Many of these tools have free trials available so that you can try them out for yourself. Some are even completely free. This is our honest opinion and we are not receiving any form of compensation from these companies. 

Innovative Streamlined Support for Nonprofits


TechSoup is a platform for nonprofits, libraries, and foundations to acquire discounted, or even donated, software, hardware, and other technology needs. Many technology companies have partnered with TechSoup, creating a streamlined process for nonprofits to drive change. They also have some great resources such as the TechSoup blog and forums. 

Well Reviewed TechSoup Partners

Little Green Light

Little Green Light is an all-in-one platform for cloud-based donor management which comes recommended from a lot of online sources and has won many awards. It helps you keep track of tons of constituent data consolidated into one place from integrated 3rd party tools, such as MailChimp, QuickBooks, PayPal and many, many more. A free trial of Little Green Light is available!


DonorPerfect is a total package solution when it comes to nonprofit fundraising. U.S. organizations that are eligible include nonprofits, public libraries, and charities. With this software, you are able to track the analytics of your organization’s fundraising and donors. Easily run online fundraisers with integrated payment processing, easily maintain contact with constituents, keep tabs on prospects, and more. A nice little bonus is the ability to setup automatic monthly giving. There is even a free 30-day trial of DonorPerfect! Afterwords, plans are based on the annual budget of your organization.

Great Service, Better Information

Wild Apricot provides services such as member, website, and event management software. Eligible organizations include nonprofits, associations, clubs, etc. You can give their software a try with a free 30-day trial account. The blog and forum on Wild Apricot have a lot of nuggets of information for nonprofits.

Use Venmo for Fundraising

One of the biggest advantages of GiveButter is being able to harness the power of Venmo for fundraising; they also make use of PayPal, SMS donations, and Apple/Google Pay to name a few. Nonprofits, schools, clubs, etc. should take advantage of centralizing online fundraising with GiveButter’s extremely low transaction fees. Also, there are no monthly fees either! You have nothing but opportunities with a free GiveButter account!

Organize Peer-to-Peer Campaigns

The software DoJiggy offers nonprofits complete management of online peer-to-peer and crowdfunding campaigns, with custom websites for secure registration as well as for making pledges/donations. With an administrator account, you will be able to set goals for participants, manage sponsorships and products, send automatic emails and receipts, track donations, increase online engagements, manage volunteers, and more. Peer-to-peer campaigns include mobile design, customizable fundraising pages for every participant, team leader boards, social media campaign, managing “Thank You”s, team pages, etc. DoJiggy is perfect for anything from a walk-a-thon to the board of a nonprofit. Your organization should make use of the 14-day free trial of DoJiggy.

Free Employee Management for Small Organizations

When I Work is a useful tool for nonprofits with options including scheduling, tracking time, and hiring hourly staff. The software is free to use for organizations with 75 or less employees. After that, basic plans are $1.50 per user. Over 100,000 organizations and over one million people trust this platform.


There are a variety great of tools out there to help every aspect of running a nonprofit. Sites like TechSoup offer benefits in the form of meeting all your tech needs in one place so that you can compare and come to an educated decision on what will meet your needs; the discounts don’t hurt either. Take advantage of some of the free trials to see all that they have to offer.

We hope you find some of these services useful and if you would like to see more, let us know in the comments.

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