6 Week Fundraising Event Challenge: Character Breakfast/Lunch

You CAN host a profitable fundraising event in JUST 6 weeks. Here's how!Let’s face it. Fundraising organizations don’t always have a lot of time to plan. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t pull of an amazing and profitable fundraising event!

It seems like fundraising organizations generally fall in to one of 2 categories; either they spend between 1-2 years planning a fundraising event, or about 1-2 months. Planning a fundraising event on a short timeline, can present some challenges, but I’m here to tell you that it can in fact be done! And to prove it, UltimateDonations.org is going to help by challenging you to try one of our 6 Week Fundraising Event Challenges.

What is a 6 Week Fundraising Event Challenge you ask? Well, here it is. We’re going to identify and break down profitable fundraising events that can be done is a short amount of time. We get questions all the time from organizations who have great ideas, but aren’t sure how to execute them.

Our first one up is a fantastic community event that can really bring in some good money if done well. That’s right, I’m talking about a character meal.

Before you get started take a look at the plan to make sure it is something that will fit with your organization and goals. I’ve also included a list of tips for success, but beware: some of these may mean you will need extra time to plan.

We highly encourage you to sell tickets online. Although you may loose a small percentage to fees, the pay off is that you will know exactly how many people to expect (and cook for!) and with that you’ll know how much money you will be expecting to bring in. Another benefit is that guests will share the event (online) with friends who might also want to come. Selling tickets online and in advance gives you greater odds of selling out and maximizing how much your organization will make. It even gives you the opportunity to decide if you want to add another sitting if the event is super popular. The last reason selling tickets online is a great idea is because it allows you to collect those precious email addresses. And chances are, if a family has come to your event once and had a great time, they’ll likely want to hear about your next event so they can come back again. And that’s great for your organization!

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The 6 Week Fundraising Event Challenge: Character Breakfast/ Lunch. Pull together asuccessful fundraising event in just 6 weeks!

Depending on your costs, venue, offerings, and goals, these character meals can range anywhere from $5 per person to about $40-50 (if at a restaurant with catered food). We’ve even seen them done free as a means of collecting food for local food pantries!

Tips for a successful Character Breakfast/Lunch:

  • Have a donation jar at check-in
  • If your venue is small, think about having multiple sittings (either 2 on the same day or select different days)
  • Add a raffle to increase profits, just remember to get a license from your state/county/town if needed!
  • Make sure everyone knows this event is helping a cause. Advertise it on your flyers, social media, and at the event
  • Sell advertising spots on a place-mat that will be at every table setting
  • Try to get what you can donated or at a discount. This includes the venue, food items, paper goods, printing of flyers and/or posters, and even your entertainment
  • Think about having something else for the kids to do. Coloring pages are a great option
  • Sell photographs for an extra cost
  • Think outside the box. Around the holidays Breakfast with Santa is popular, but a Sing-a-long Breakfast with a couple of frozen princesses might be event better!
  • Securing larger sponsors means more money is going to your cause instead of paying for your costs.
  • If you are planning on hosting a lot of these events it might be worth it for you to purchase a costume rather than hire someone out, even if the costume seems costly.
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