4 Top Tips To Increase Fundraising Sales

UltimateDonations.org: 4 Top Tips for Increasing Fundraising SalesIt is not always easy to raise money for schools or other non-profits, but it is easy to increase fundraising sales. Just a few smart tips can significantly boost your profits with little or no effort. Here are four top tips to help your group increase the amount of money raised through fundraising.

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1. Put Value on Contributions
Potential donors tend to give larger amounts when they clearly comprehend the benefit of their contributions. Your group can gain more support with a positive statement about how the donated money will be used. Make it easy for volunteers and administrators to explain to donors the purpose of the fundraising campaign and how every contribution helps your cause.
2. The Fundraising Power of BrandingUltimateDonations.org: 4 Top Tips for Increasing Fundraising Sales
Hand-drawn posters and cheap clip art can send mixed signals and make fundraising efforts seem disorganized. To create a branded image that persists in the minds of donors, be consistent and professional in your messaging across all media. If you want to tug at donors’ heartstrings and purse strings, use images of real people, and keep your written copy straightforward and error-free. Most importantly though, make sure your message is clear and concise and not hard to read with small and cluttered print.
3. Motivate and Value Your Volunteers
Let every volunteer know how much they count toward the success of your campaign. Help volunteers feel a part of the team by keeping them informed and up-to-date about your fundraising plans and goals. You can also motivate volunteers to sell more products by providing enticements. For example, top student fundraisers could earn multiple chances to enter a drawing for an iPod or other valuable prize.4. Take Advantage of Online Resources
There is no reason to reinvent the wheel when so many fundraising resources are available online. One of the best is fundraising.com {affiliate link}. The website provides a wide-ranging platform with everything that U.S. and Canadian fundraisers need to launch a successful product-selling campaign. It is chock full of fresh ideas and helpful resources for fundraising inspiration. From t-shirts and magazines, to food items like popcorn and lollipops, to new fundraising ideas like scratchcards {affiliate link} and trashbags, fundraising.com {affiliate link}can help your organization raise funds with a snap.
What tips do you recommend to increase your fundraising profits? I am looking forward to reading your comments below!

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